A behind-the-scenes look at Evan's two-year mission in Madagascar for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

Monday, September 1, 2014

Settling In......

       Things are going better this week. I didn't get bitten by anything,though the spiders are still present. Our house is okay. Nothing compared to our rooms at the MTC, but it is what it is. There was supposedly some threat that this power company that owned all the power in Madagascar was going to shut off power on the whole island, so we had to put some 72 hour kits together. Luckily, that didn't happen....otherwise I wouldn't be able to email right now. 
        The most adventurous thing from this past week was that I hit a teenager crossing the street (when he shouldn't have been) on my bike. I was going pretty fast and stuff, and I was just trying to move out of the way, but he ran in the same direction I was going, so I ended up knocking him over. Luckily, He was okay, but not my bike, even though it wasn't really that great to begin with. And it still has problems.
         Last Monday, we had zone conference, and Elder Kevin H. Hamilton came and talked to us about leadership and other missionary skills. That was pretty cool. I'm sad to hear that Carolina lost. At least Clemson lost just as badly.  I really thought that this would be their big year, but it's never good to start off the year with a loss. Oh well. It's because I'm not at home to watch them play, probably. I imagine they'll take a drop in the football polls. I kinda want to know how the stats are going for our best players...Dad might understand what I'm talking about. And I guess the NFL is about to start up this week, if it already hasn't. I really want to know how Clowney, Marcus, Alshon, and Bruce do this year. If you could tell me their stats each week, that would be awesome. Since SC is 7 hours behind Madagascar, I might be able to email around 3 or 4 my time, and maybe be able to email back and forth with you around 8 or 9 SC-time. Just a thought. 
     I'm way over on time (like an hour, but attaching files and typing are sluggish...no excuses though), but I didn't want you to think that I forgot about pictures. So here are a few random ones. I have more, but internet is slow, so I'll send more later hopefully. Most of these pictures are taken inside of my house. I don't know exactly which pictures they are. One is a picture of a mosquito bite. Random, but everything is kinda the same right now. Haha
     Sorry about the depressing email from last week, but the change from the MTC to Tamatave was super drastic. I should've appreciated that more.  I found out thatDearelder.com still works out here, but it goes to the mission office. So if anyone tries to send me something, it might come once a  week. Can't think of much else to say. I just hope Carolina bounces back with a good game on Saturday, and keeps going forward. The food here is extremely different from the food at home, and sometimes i think I would be fine if Tamatave had a Pizza Hut. But I'm here for a reason. 
Love you Mom (and the family). Have a great week!

 -Elder Pinson

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