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Monday, October 13, 2014

10/13/14- Greetings from Lemur land.

   So this week was sort of strange, because the power was off almost every night. Like double-digit hour power outages. And the way our house works, if you use the water when the power is off, the pipes will break. So I did not take too many showers this week. 
I did not see any riots in the streets, but I did get sick this week. We ate at this place called "The Green Lizard" (in French), and we usually have food there with our zone after district meetings on Thursday. Well, my house mates decided that we were going to eat there on Wednesday. To sum things up, after our first lesson, I biked home as fast as possible, because I thought my stomach was self-destructing. I didn't think much about it, because the food is good. So on Thursday, we had food there again. I was only able to work for about 4 hours that day because I was at home sick. So Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday were not very productive days.
      I drink a lot of Coke, 1) because you can get them fairly cheap in glass bottles and 2) that stuff kills pretty much anything bad in your stomach. We ate fish and fish eggs for dinner last night. Not fried fish though. The kind of fish that is still pretty much intact (with eyes and scales and bones). Afer all those times I told y'all I didn't want Swai. Don't know how I didn't throw up. ( Some fried elephant ears from the fair would be cool now.)
   Anyway, nothing much is happening here. The other night, we were eating at this place called La Gastronomie's Pizza (the pizza is terrible apparently, but the steak and fries are good), and I went to reach for my shoe, and something scratched me. Turns out there was the largest beetle I have ever seen in my life just clinging to my shoe laces. That was disturbing. Our house was really messy, so we had a house meeting last night, to set some guidelines for hygiene and sanitation. Other than that, the work is hard. The language is tough, but apparently my accent sounds authentic. Hopefully, I have more to talk with you about with you all next week, with mission president interviews on the 18th. 
     Well, I love you all and hope you have a safe, fun week. 

          -Elder Pinson

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