A behind-the-scenes look at Evan's two-year mission in Madagascar for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

Tuesday, November 25, 2014


   Hello Mom. I am glad that the week was eventful. It is good to hear that Ms. Ann is recovering from the surgery. Madagascar does not have the Thanksgiving vibe. The turkey bowl, or even black Friday shopping doesn't exist here. The missionaries I live with are making Thanksgiving dinner. I am almost out of money for the month, so I will not be cooking much of the food.  
   We have been notified of the bubonic plague and stuff. Tell the people who have been asking about me that I am doing well, and that I appreciate their concerns on my behalf. The only main plague instructions we have received here are just to take Doxycycline everyday. Other than that, no major worries from the senior office couples.
    We received a call from an elder who previously served in Ankirihiry telling us to go visit an investigator they stopped teaching a while ago. His name is Christian. He was born in Madagascar, moved to Washington, DC when he was 3, lived there for 35 to 38 years, and moved back. He speaks English better than he speaks Malagasy. Apparently, Elder Ratsimbarison wanted to stop teaching him because he could not understand his English.
   The mission shoes are durable. My toe (the one with the dead nail) is in pain sometimes, but I don't think that is a problem. Still haven't gotten any mail or packages yet. President Adams and the APs will be here this week, so maybe they will bring mail with them. I also am going to try to see if they can bring my personal card, because I need to buy a new bag. The CTR one is already messed up. 
   I imagine the missionaries here will be able to watch the Christmas Devotional eventually, but it won't feel like Christmas by then. At least we all are able to Skype in about a month. Christmas is only one month from tomorrow. I will be glad to be able to talk to everyone. 
   For the blog followers, here is something interesting: The Mercy Ship is stationed at the Toamasina port. The Mercy Ship is a group of English-speaking nurses and doctors who give medical care to many of the people here. We saw some of the employees at Shoprite, and some of the other missionaries are going to have lunch with some of them . Next Monday, we have been invited to tour the ship.
  The weather has gotten progressively worse. It  was super rainy until about 1, and then it was sunny. It has begun to rain again.  Sundays in Madagascar are regular work days for the most part. Sacrament meeting is the only thing that differentiates it from the other days. 
   Please tell everyone I said "Hello", and that I am grateful for their prayers and concern on my behalf. Have a good week, and a Happy Thanksgiving.

 -Elder Pinson

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