A behind-the-scenes look at Evan's two-year mission in Madagascar for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

Tuesday, December 30, 2014


  Christmas was a good day. I was glad to talk to everyone and to see everyone's faces. I Hope everyone enjoyed their Christmas and the time spent with family. It is safe to say that my dinner was nothing in comparison to the meals that were taking place all across South Carolina, even though it was from a 5 star restaurant. It hardly seemed like Christmas. I would have assumed it was another day, if it wasn't for the opportunity to Skype. 
   I hope the St. Matthews crew is well. Hopefully it will snow in South Carolina this winter.  If it does, please send pictures to dropbox. Sunday went well. The bishop lost it in Sacrament meeting and started yelling from the pulpit. I guess he had good intentions.
  The people in the ward seem to be nice. It is difficult to get members to help with missionary work, but that is sort of a problem consistent with this mission. We teach many people, but I cannot seem to remember their names, being new.
  I have still not received any Christmas cards, but the mission teaches patience. Maybe another week. Sorry to everyone who reads the blog, for disappearing. A combination of the country's terrible power company (Jirama) and forgetfulness led me to not update everything that has been occuring here in Madagascar. 
  This really is an awesome place. As extremely 3rd world as it is, there are many sincere people. Madagascar is unique from any mission in the world. Obviously, but everyday is a journey in itself. Bubonic plague, lemurs, crazy spiders, rice paddies; you name it, Madagascar has it.
  Nothing much new. The weeks fly by, and they all seem similar. Either way, it is great to be a missionary! Have a good week everyone. Sorry, I couldn't upload pictures this time.
        -Elder Pinson

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