A behind-the-scenes look at Evan's two-year mission in Madagascar for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

Monday, February 23, 2015


  I am doing well. This week was pretty cool, there was zone conference on Thursday, and we went to a zoo today as well. At zone conference, we watched Meet the Mormons. We were all very surprised, and I thought the stories of all the different members were very interesting. It was a very good movie and it was definitely an added bonus.  Watching "Meet the Mormons", and eating lunch that was prepared by the couple missionaries and the Adams was definitely the highlight of our week.
  I also had the opporutunity to ask President Adams questions about himself. Apparently, his favorite movie is Doctor Zhivago. When he got a call from Elder Oaks' office saying that he needed to meet with Elder Oaks, he was waiting to watch Contagion at the movie theater. Later he was called to be a Mission President. He also told us that his career as a surgeon started off when he had to reassemble a person's face that had been destroyed by a shotgun round point blank. Very cool to know. 
   I had a really bad migraine on Wednesday, so I was told that I should go home and rest.We did not work Monday, part of Wednesday, and Thursday, but we still had 17 hours of proselyting, which is not terrible considering the situation. I am well now.  We have a new investigator who has researched a lot about the church since we have started teaching him. He already knew so much and had so many questions that teaching him was simple. 
  It rained yesterday, so church attendance was 100 even. The weather seems to be a really big factor for church attendance here. The people here are struggling to be dedicated members. They want celestial blessings but, as President Adams says, "they are not living the celestial law". That is not to say there are not good members who pay tithing and keep the commandments but, as a group, the members are not fulfilling their responsibilities as members of the Lord's Church.  The Church here in Madagascar is still fairly young, and the members have not fully learned to study the scriptures and keep their baptismal covenants.
   Other than that, I went to a zoo, where I was able to feed lemurs without a cage, and I saw other cool animals. That was the main event of the day. I am looking forward to teaching Solo this week. He has not been progressing anymore yet, on our last lesson, his daughter was there, and he was helpful in explaining to her the truth of the doctrine of Christ, and the gospel. I believe he knows that what we have taught him is true, but he needs to quit drinking. We are hoping to commit at least 5 people to be baptized and confirmed soon. My favorite readings this week was from Mormon 9: 7-21.
  I am glad that everyone is well. Not much else to mention. Have a great week, everyone.
 Love y'all,
   -Elder Pinson

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