A behind-the-scenes look at Evan's two-year mission in Madagascar for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

Monday, March 30, 2015


  This past week was more productive than last week, so that was good.  We knocked on lots of doors and we were able to catch a few of our investigators at home! Elder Stokes is a cool guy. He understands how missionary work should be, and is good at teaching in Malagasy. I am learning a lot of new phrases that I can use in teaching my lessons. My new challenge to myself is ascending to the next level of being good at the mission language. I have been told that I am good at the mission language for someone who has been out for 8 months, but I want to be just as good as someone who has been out for over a year. 
  Our biggest success this week was having 10 investigators come to church! I could hardly believe my eyes! The work is starting to come to fruition!!  My favorite person this week was a man named Claude. He attended and he shared with us an experience when he got an impression that he should not attend a certain church anymore, but that he should wait because the true church would be brought to him. Shortly there after, he met the missionaries. Truly an example of the Lord answering prayers; his and ours. I am looking forward to lessons with him and some other investigators who have committed to be baptized.
  I attempted to make burritos, but it did not go very well. We made stirfry, as well as fried potatoes and onions. About next week: Apparently Easter is a major holiday here, so there will most likely not be any internet places open on Monday. Which means I will most likely email on Tuesday morning (Madagascar time). Anyway, there is still no birthday box at the mission office. I hope that it will be there next week. 
  Funny story from this week: We were teaching a less active family this past week at their house across from a church building. (Not ours) From across the street we could hear the pastor was yelling a lot, so I guess he was starting to lose his voice. Anyway, I was reviewing over the First Vision, and I shared the scripture "James 1:5". As the family was reading the scripture, the pastor guy yelled "Hallelujah!", to which we heard a weak response of, "Hallelujah" (mainly because there were probably 20 people at the church). And then the pastor, in some Steven Tyler-esque voice, screamed, "HALLELUJAHHHH!!!!!!!" And we all completely broke down into giggles.
  We went to this place called Vontovorona on Saturday, which was probably close to an hour away from our church. I did not take my camera, but that place is the quintessence of Africa. There were tons of valleys, rice fields and trees, just like you would see on television. Unfortunately, I do not have any photos. (Sorry Mom)  
  There are investigators that we have scheduled to be baptized for April, so we will be teaching and helping them to prepare. I am not only surviving in Africa, but I am making a change in others' lives. I really believe that! 

Have a great week, all. 

                -Elder Pinson

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