A behind-the-scenes look at Evan's two-year mission in Madagascar for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

Tuesday, May 5, 2015


  This one will be a short one folks! I arrived in Fort Dauphin by plane, last Tuesday. It is indeed a beautiful place to live. I can see the ocean from our living quarters, which is a lot nicer than Ampitatafika. The water is a beautiful blue, surrounded by greenery. Have you ever seen Groundhog Day? The day is repeated over and over again. I feel like I am at ground zero. It took me about 8 months to be proficient in Malagasy and I am basically back to where I started from. There are three different dialects of Malagasy spoken here, unfortunately none of them are the one that I know. The people here are much friendlier here than any place since I have been in Madagascar.  Today we visited the beach with the family of one of the missionaries who is about to go home. I sent some pictures.
  My companion here is Elder Horspool, he is from California and already we have developed a routine. He is very cool! We have already visited and taught many people our first week and many baptisms are planned for this month.  Even though we missed about two days of work this week, it was still an effective week in sharing the Gospel. My favorite person this week is one guy that we are teaching that follows all of the teachings we have shared with him. He attended conference here this week. And is a great prospect. You asked about Elder Yeagley, he is one of my housemates. That is cool that his mother is part of the missionary mom's group.
 There are a ton of restaurants here in Fort Dauphin, even though all of the food is very expensive. My one regret this week was not being able to say goodbye to the people that I had taught for so long in Ampitatafika. Flight plans were already made and I did not have a chance to go and say goodbye, before I had to leave, but that is part of the calling, I guess.
  Looking forward to Skyping with you all on Mother's Day. I am the only one from the east coast, so that entails moving things around a little. I should be on at 7am your time.  Have a good week everyone! Asking for continued prayers please...

  Elder Evan Pinson

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