A behind-the-scenes look at Evan's two-year mission in Madagascar for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

Monday, June 22, 2015


  Hello Everyone,
  Hard to believe it, but one year from today 6/22/2015 I will be back home!
  All is well today. Unfortunately there were no baptisms last week, and there probably will not be baptisms this week, we are still, not so patiently, waiting for paperwork to be received before we can baptize our family of five; so I will not say anything more about baptisms now. It is strange to know that I have a year until my mission is done and I am back in the United States. I guess the time will start to fly by now. I honestly cannot believe that I have been a missionary for almost a year. Sometimes I talk about the MTC and how that seems like yesterday, yet that was last summer. 
  The mission work is still going strong here. We taught about 10 lessons last week. Elder Rasmussen and get along really well and the days seem to fly by. The missionaries have an important role here in Fort Dauphin. We teach sometimes at church, sometimes give talks, and we have people to home teach as well. Our schedule is not completely focused on teaching investigators. It is also focused on strengthening the testimonies of recent converts and less actives. Some of the people that we have been teaching still have not come to church, in spite of our efforts, so we will eventually stop teaching them if no progress is being made. Regardless of all that, we still had 19 investigators attend Sacrament Meeting on Sunday.
  It is sad to hear that such a tragedy occurred, in South Carolina of all places. You never want stuff like that to happen, especially so close to home. I have heard however, that a lot of the people of South Carolina are responding well to it, and being an example to others throughout the country, that the only way to overcome darkness and despair is through faith and light. I saw some of the pictures of the people marching across the Thomas Ravenel bridge, and it makes me proud to be a South Carolinian. 
  I am no longer sick, which is great. I have not had really bad stomach pain since last Monday. We have a water filter where I live so I have cold drinking water.  And I will definitely be drinking more water from now on. We spent some time today walking on the beach, enjoying the beauty that surrounds us. I took some pictures of what we saw. Also included is a picture of the outside of the building and courtyard where we meet for church and also the inside of our humble abode. 
  Our new mission president should arrive on the first of July, which is the same day President and Sister Adams leave. The missionary work is going well here, but please continue to pray for me everyone. 

Thanks To All!

Love,  Elder Pinson

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