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Monday, July 20, 2015

Goodbye Fort Dauphin........7/20/2015

    I will start by saying that I forgot to mention last week that transfers were this week. Mainly, because I did not think that I would be transferred after serving only two transfers in Fort Dauphin. Well I am being transferred! To Fianarantsoa, in fact. New Mission President, new rules. I will admit that I am sad and disappointed that I have to leave here so early, but I know that transfers are done according to the will of the Lord. 
  It is true that this mission is a challenge. Just when you get  settled in somewhere, you get moved again. So, last week was my last week serving as a mission in Fort Dauphin. The missionary work here is great though, and I am thankful to President Adams for giving me the opportunity to teach the gospel here three months ago. It really was a blessing to serve here. I have met true saints. I have met true seekers of truth, just as much as Joseph Smith. I hope they will continue to progress and to seek the will of God. It's time to move on. 
  We didn't teach as many lessons this week compared to last week. Several days we were really slowed down because of broken appointments. We did come across some old investigators who weren't interested enough to come to church before, but who've recently had a change of heart. The Gospel is great!
  I will really miss serving in this area. The people here were very warm and welcoming. Their commitment to learning about the Gospel was outstanding. It feels almost like they were ready and waiting for us to teach them.  I also really  enjoyed working with Elder Rasmussen. We made a great team, sharing the Gospel and uplifting each other spiritually and through humor. He is a great person and missionary and I am glad that we were able to serve together. This time, unlike last transfer, I will have the opportunity to say goodbye to the members, converts and investigators. Elder Hardy and I will fly out on Thursday to Antananarivo and Friday I will take a bus to Fianarantsoa.
   There are no pictures this week. Miala tsiny, fa nalaiko sary. I plan on taking as many pictures from tomorrow until I leave, so next week should have a lot of pictures of me with investigators and members. I did receive my box from Aunt Arah and Uncle Emile'. Luckily it arrived before I departed. I will send them an email, thanking them.  
   I forgot to mention a few weeks ago, but congratulations to Jon Dwigans on getting his mission call. It is always cool to hear that missionaries from the stake are answering the call to serve. I'm asking for your continued prayers and well wishes as I embark on the next leg of my service here in Madagascar.

Love to all,
Elder Pinson

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