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Monday, August 17, 2015


I will call this post "The Day Elder Pinson Lost a Fight with a Hairdresser".

   I knew that I would have to get a haircut today, so my companion and I went to a place that other missionaries have recommended. They also said that it was sort of expensive, so I just thought it would be worth the money. Anyway, I was wearing my glasses this morning, and I obviously had to take them off. I couldn't really see what was happening, but I told the lady barber ( I'll refer to her as Delilah) that I wanted it cut short all over.  She proceeded to carve my hair into what resembled a Cheea pet. I put my glasses on, and I was greatly disturbed by what my hair looked like. I told her again that I wanted it all cut short.  After a few minutes, she presented her final attempt, which essentially looked like she used a lawn mower and not clippers or scissors. After saying no to having her wash my hair I left and went home and tried to repair what was left of my hair. Without really paying attention to the attachment I took a pair of clippers to my head and then noticed that I was shaving my head. Unfortunately, too much damage had been done. I look like Dr. Phil, or Montel, or any other bald human being on the planet. Yep. I basically have no hair on my head. That's my story for the week. 
  Meanwhile, the missionary work continues.  We committed 3 more investigators to be baptized last week.  Bebe Tarseel (Bebe means grandmother by the way) has been attending church for several months already and should hopefully be baptized next month. She really studies and writes down what we teach her, and she is a lot of fun.  Amazingly, one of our investigators had a dream in which he described seeing a big building with many worshippers. He was drawing a picture and I noticed that it resembled a temple, so I showed him a picture. We showed him two pictures of the temple, which he said was sort of what he saw. Then we showed him a picture of the Salt Lake City Temple, and he said that was just like what he saw. I found out that 3 of our investigators in Fort Dauphin were recently baptized. That was thrilling news to hear!
  Some of the senior missionaries were here this week, and they took us to lunch. The food was pretty good and it was great to get together as a group. Other than that, the week overall was average. The more I think about the fact that school is starting, the more I realize that I have been a missionary for a while now. Next week, I will be able to say that I have less than 10 months left. That is almost hard to comprehend. I have not heard much from the other missionaries from our stake who are on missions now. It sounds that everyone is well though, so that is cool. 
  Next Monday, I will be in Antsirabe for a combined zone conference which will be presided over by President Carl B. Cook of the Seventy. That should be a really cool experience. Glad to hear that Sister Batchelor is still teaching seminary this year. Even though my other teachers were good and had games and parties often, I really believe that most of my understanding of the New Testament and the Book of Mormon is the result of Sister Batchelor's efforts to build a more spiritual teaching environment. 
I am still having a great mission, and I am grateful for everyone's support. Have a great week, all!

Elder Pinson

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