A behind-the-scenes look at Evan's two-year mission in Madagascar for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

Monday, August 31, 2015


   ....And just like that, August is gone! And, surprisingly, my stay here in Fianarantsoa is up. That's right... After just one transfer I am getting transferred again! Oh well! More dialects to learn from my fifth area. The mission president has asked me to serve in Ambohipo (which is part of Antananarivo), so I guess there is work there for me to accomplish. My next companion will be Elder Nelson, I have neither lived with nor served with him before, but I have heard that he is a really good missionary. That's good, because we are going to work! He and I are whitewashing the area, that is, the two missionaries before us are gone and the missionary work in Ambohipo is getting a brand new start. It will be pretty cool to have a part in this! 
    I have been doing well. I almost always remember to take my malaria medicine, and I have not been sick. We did not teach too many new investigators this week, similar to many weeks, there were many tasks and errands that prevented us from having a great week, but we do have several investigators who are progressing, and two of them were baptized today! The baptism was originally planned for this coming Saturday, but with both my companion and I being transferred tomorrow, we received special permission to have the baptism today. With Elder Anderson and I being transferred, Elders Godfry and Koncurats will be doing their area and ours. I hope that our investigators will still be taught. We were teaching some people who definitely could be baptized in the future. 
  I really believe in spiritual gifts from God. (Especially the ability to learn languages quickly) I remember this time last year not really understanding much of anything at all. Yet, with studying and a little time, my abilities and potential have greatly increased. It is good to hear that the quorums in our Ward are repopulating, especially since I thought that the numbers for the Young Men would be very few after Josh and I left on our missions. I really hope that the future of the Church in Fianarantsoa sees that type of progression and activity too. 
  That is way cool that tithing can be paid online now. I guess with the advancement of technology that is reasonable. I have a story from this past week about prayer, faith, and the priesthood that I want to share but time is short, so everyone will just have to wait until next week. The work here is still going well. Madagascar is still Madagascar or, in other words, a new experience every day. I will try to talk about what a typical day is like next week. 

Have a great week all!

Elder Pinson

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