A behind-the-scenes look at Evan's two-year mission in Madagascar for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

Monday, November 16, 2015


   And just like that, another week of missionary work in Madagascar has flown away!  Thanksgiving and Black Friday mayhem are only a days away. We won't be participating in that here, but I plan to make Thanksgiving here in Madagascar as American-like as possible. We had a Turkey Bowl with the missionaries in our zone and a few other missionaries. I have not played football (not soccer) for several transfers, but I actually played pretty well. I was the quarterback for our team and, in all honesty, I believe I  ran or threw for either 5 or 7 of our team's eight touchdowns. I threw some interceptions as well. I don't say this to brag, but I was on fire today. 
We also had a game where we lost 3 touchdowns to 2 touchdowns. But, our team destroyed the other team in the second game. And it was basically just like the Turkey Bowl back at home. Still a great time for everyone. That was the main event of the day. 
   The weekdays were similar to other weekdays. Teaching and a lot of walking. I will say, however, that this week was the best week I have experienced since I been here in Ambohipo. We taught a lot of lessons and we had a lot of proselyting hours. Even more than numbers, we had a family, who had not been to church together since I arrived here in Ambohipo, finally attend church. They seemed to have a great time attending sacrament meeting and the other classes. We have committed 10 investigators to baptism.
   We read a letter in yesterday in ward council letting the members of the council know that we want to work with them more and have dinner (and share a lesson) with them, in an effort to have more members involved in the work of salvation. The Church is not a church of bystanders! Everyone takes responsibility. So, we are going to ask for referrals from the people we visit. I am not sure when this will take place, but it seems to be a decent plan.
   Sometime in December, our ward is having a Christmas activity. Everyone is supposed to have some sort of talent or something prepared. Of course, the only thing I am really decent at is music and video games, so I am going to try and call the Stake Music Specialist and ask if he knows someone who has an alto sax, so I can play some Christmas music and coordinate that with someone who can play the piano. Just an idea, but I hope it works. I am afraid that all of memory of how to play the sax will fade away. 
   On Saturday, we should have an investigator baptized (pending the baptismal interview). That should be a good event. On Sunday, there is a broadcast for the Africa Southeast Area. Other than that, there is not too much to mention. Time for the Malagasy Lesson

blue                    manga
red                     mena
purple                 volomparasy
white                  fotsy
black                  mainty
brown                 volontany
green                 maitso
pink                   mavokely
yellow                mavo
orange               volomboasary

Okay. Have a great week, everyone. 

                 Elder Pinson

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