A behind-the-scenes look at Evan's two-year mission in Madagascar for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

Monday, December 28, 2015


  I hope everyone had a great Christmas! My day started off with a party for all of the missionaries from around Antananarivo. They gave us breakfast, which consisted of pancakes, fruit, and eggs with ham. That was probably the best breakfast I have eaten since I have been a missionary. I think That I ate seven pancakes! Then the missionaries exchanged gifts and, after that, there were some games and activities which were really cool as well. They really made sure we all had the start of a good day. My companion, Elder Heo,  and I left the party early so that I could Skype home. Because of time differences in California and Korea, Elder Heo decided he would Skype with his family the next day.
  We went to the cyber, hoping it wouldn't storm like it has this past week and praying for a good, strong internet connection. We made it to the cyber without getting caught in a storm and the connection was pretty fair. We only got disconnected about 6-8 times! It was really great to talk to  my family. For those that aren't familiar with a 2 year mission, we are able to email our families once a week and twice a year ( Mother's Day and Christmas) we are able, if it is available, to skype with our families. It has been six months since we have been able to see and hear each other and it felt really good to see and talk to my family. We talked for a really long time, but not long enough, if you know what I mean....
  After Skyping, my companion and I went over to a member's house for dinner. We had goose. It was a really good meal. It's not too often that we are fortunate enough to have meat for dinner. Meals here usually consists of rice and vegetables. It somehow made the day more special to have been presented with meat from our host. A true sacrifice here indeed. Not much has happened since then in all honesty. On Saturday, our ward had a party which essentially lasted the entire day. There was a talent show and  Elder Heo and I and two other people from the ward sang a song. It wasn't the greatest but we didn't spend a lot of time preparing for it. Sunday, Elder Heo wasn't feeling well. We made it to church, but we didn't accomplish a whole lot after that.
 I said last time that I would have more to talk about today, but there is still not much to mention this week. Most of the people that we have been teaching were away visiting family. They should be back this week. I have checked at the mission office several times in the past week, but still no mail. Transfer news is on Saturday probably, so I should have more to talk about next week. I am thinking that I will probably transferred this time, but we will see. 
  It is very strange that this is my last email for the year 2015. My one full year of living in Madagascar is almost over. The time flew by. Next time I email again it will be a new year. I am truly excited for what the new year will bring. 

Happy New Year, everyone!! Have some sparkling cider for me.    

Elder Pinson

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