A behind-the-scenes look at Evan's two-year mission in Madagascar for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

Monday, March 28, 2016


  Hello everyone! Hope your Easter was great! 

  It is really easy sometimes as a missionary, expecially here in Madagascar, to forget about important days during the year. Here in Madagascar, when there are holidays, it just seems like a regular day. It was great, however, to attend church and have a reminder of what Easter is truly about: Jesus Christ's atoning sacrifice and His rising from the dead. No better way to spend holidays as a missionary but to go and preach the gospel message of that Atonement! 
  Today, is what the  Malagasy people call Monday after Easter, which is a holiday I had never heard of until I arrived here. I even asked my companion, Elder Tambula, if this is a holiday in Uganda, and he said no. Anyway, almost all of the stores are closed today. Almost all of the internet cafes are closed. Except for the place where we are.
  My day began with studying Malagasy, and then we had our individual scripture study. I read a chapter from the Book of Mormon, and then we headed to the mission office. Along the way, I bought a duffle bag, because my largest suitcase has taken the toll of almost 3 complete missions ( My 2 older brothers and I) and is pretty much destroyed. When we got to the mission office, we played ball. Afterwards we left to see if we could find an open cyber nearby. Luckily, we found this one and it wasn't too far away.
This past week was a pretty good one.  We taught quite a few lessons, especially to those that we are preparing for baptism in a few weeks. Speaking of baptisms, our investigator was finally baptized on Saturday! The baptism was way cool! I didn't take my camera, since it's not working very well, but one of the members took pictures and they said they would make sure to get the pictures to me, so I'll send them when I get them. When we leave the internet cafe today, Elder Tambula and I have appointments to teach 3 lessons. Our last lesson is with an investigator family and they want us to have dinner with them so I am looking forward to that!
  It was transfers this week, and sadly my companion, Elder Tambula will be leaving. My new companion will arrive on Friday. Other than that, not much to mention this week. I am excited that Conference is this weekend. I am sure many excellent talks will be shared. Usually when conference happens, the missionaries here have to wait until the end of the month until they can see it. Apparently, the translation for conference will be finished by a week from this Saturday, so we might see it earlier than usual, either way, I will be happy to finally see it. I don't have much time left, so this is goodbye!

Have a great week, everyone

              Elder Pinson

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