A behind-the-scenes look at Evan's two-year mission in Madagascar for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

Monday, April 18, 2016


 Hello everyone,
   I don't  have much time to write today, so this email will be very short.  Other than studying scriptures, playing ball at the mission office and having lunch, we haven't done too much on this P-day.
Last week, Elder Nolan and I found some new investigators through tracting. We tracted into a family that had been taught by missionaries some time ago, but for some reason, they stopped taking the discussions. After we learned of this we thought that they would just send us away, but they let us in to teach them and we are going to go back on Sunday, after church. 
  We also found one other new familyand we also got a referral from one of the members in the ward we attend and that referral actually attended church on Sunday. We have not had as many investigators at church as we have in the past, so it was really cool to see how a member's choice to speak up and talk about the Church has already blessed our work as missionaries. 
  On Saturday we have two investigators who are being interviewed for baptism. If they pass, they should be baptized on the last day of April. One of them is the wife of a member. The other the wife of a less active member. She has a lot of support from another very active member, so that is good.
That's the work! Life is great as a missionary!
  We went to a Chinese restaurant on Monday for my birthday and I had caramel chicken and  I ate squid for the first time, so that was cool!  Still hard to believe that I am no longer a teenager! It is a tradition here to be egged and floured on your birthday and I was no exception, on this second birthday here. Did I mention I got two boxes of food from my awesome family? One from my family and one from my Aunts! And they both got here before my birthday and on the same day! No more rice diet for a while! Thanks guys!! 

I promise that I will mention more next week. 
Have a great week, everyone.   

Elder Pinson 

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