A behind-the-scenes look at Evan's two-year mission in Madagascar for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

Wednesday, January 14, 2015


  The week has gone well, but has also been uneventful. There were interviews with President Adams and I believe that went well. He said he believed I was doing a good job as a missionary. I also went on splits with one of the AP's and he said President said that I was doing a good job. So, I am happy with that! I had not heard anything about the new president, so Pres. Foote is news to me.!  We will miss President and Sister Adams when they leave. We have very few investigators in this new area. The people don't seem as friendly as they were in Tamatave. We walk down the streets here and they actually hurl insults at both of us. I thought it was just Americans, but my companion is from Rwanda and they insult him too. They don't like foreigners...
   I hope that stake conference goes well this weekend. Last time there was a stake conference, I spoke! Time flies! Hard to believe that I have been on my mission for 6 months already! I wouldn't say that it has gone by fast, but I guess that it has.  Good news about Jordan starting school at USC this week!  I am sure that he will succeed at anything he commits to, football, electrical engineering, USC Pres, na inona na inona.
    I am glad that Ms. Ann is back at work again. I hope she is recovering well, and that there aren't too many problems. Please tell her I said "Hello" and "Get Well". It has been a while since the family has been up to New York or New Jersey. Back then Gas prices were crazy. Probably a year ago, I thought they were low, but now is outstanding! I know I never had a car, but I sympathize with those who had to pay 3 or 4 dollars only a few years ago. 
   I am glad for all the prayers. I went to the mission office today and there were 15 letters and cards just for me. Talk about being excited! I think that might have been a record for the most mail received at one time! They were from the Harbors, Cornwells, Copes, Batchelors, Fagerburgs, Callihans, Sherryand Brent Dial, Mrs. Ann and Mr. Robert, The Woods( related to the Jensens) Kirk Davis, you, Dad, Britt, Auntie Bessie and Jeff and Amanda Copeland. Please thank them for me, they really made my week! 
  Hopefully, the family can work on genealogy and temple work. They go hand in hand with missionary work. I know that I have an easier life than almost everyone here; I should never complain, though I do indraindray. I pray for strength and help often. Without Heavenly Father, Jesus, and help through the Spirit, I cannot do anything. I hope that everyone has a good week. Sorry, no pictures. I dropped my camera and the resolution is off, hopefully someone at Zone meeting knows how to fix it. Gotta go!
Love y'all.

          -Elder Pinson

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