A behind-the-scenes look at Evan's two-year mission in Madagascar for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

Monday, January 19, 2015


  Nothing much happened this week, except for the cyclone. That's right! We made it through a cyclone! I was expecting it to be more damaging, but there was only a lot rain and wind this time! There was severe flooding and a lot of people had to leave their homes. That, however, made missionary work miserable and treacherous. The mission president ordered us all to stay in on Saturday. End result- Everything was muddy and the weather was actually fairly cold because of the cyclone. 
On Sunday, ward council talked about providing help to the victims of the cyclone. Many people had to move their homes (mifindra) because they were damaged by the water. Someone even drowned. That was the major news this week! 
  We are teaching some people, but no one is really progressing yet. We aren't getting much help from the ward. We have to go door to door because the members don't have referrals for us. The bishop is the only one who helps us consistently, and he does things a little differently. He was a pastor in another church before he was baptized. 
  A new pizza fast-food chain (relative to Madagascar) opened near our house on Friday.  We hope to try it out really soon. I can't believe that Cooper is already home again and I am surprised that Crystal Dwigans is close to finishing her mission. We attended the same mission prep class. I am glad that stake conference went well, and that the messages were positive. Hey, I finished reading "Jesus the Christ", finally! And I am starting on "Our Heritage". I received 4 more Christmas Cards from the mission office today from Auntie Bessie, Auntie Sarah, Sister Ivey and the Manley/Zingmark family, please tell them thank you for me, I really appreciate them! I am glad that Mrs. Ann is progressively getting better from her surgery. Tell her hello from me.
  I am hoping that President Adams will receive revelation that allows all of the missionaries to watch the Super Bowl, but that probably won't happen. Either way, Go Pats! I will probably download the music next week. Anyway, have a great week. Love y'all,

        Elder Pinson

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