A behind-the-scenes look at Evan's two-year mission in Madagascar for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

Monday, May 18, 2015


    This week was a better week of proselyting than last week. We did 28 hours,even though we did no work on Saturday because President Adams and Sisters Adams flew here to have a meeting with some of the leaders in the branches and to also have a meeting where people could ask him gospel related questions. They attended sacrament meeting at our branch and then had to leave.
   On Saturday, they took us to dinner at a really nice restaurant. It was a three course meal. I had crab, a fish fillet with lemon and garlic and some other food. It's strange to realize that this was the last time I would see President Adams. He has been a great Mission President and has definitely magnified his calling. There is not much else to mention from last week, because it was pretty quiet. 
  We have several investigators who are progressing towards baptism and we are working diligently to prepare them to keep these covenants for the remainder of their lives. Baptismal interviews are this week! We are hoping to have 10 baptisms on the last Saturday of this month. That goal will only be achieved with prayer, so I'm asking you guys to pray for these investigators. One of our investigators has amazed us with how badly he wants to be baptized. We gave him the CD that had the translated copy of Conference, and a copy of the Liahona. When we returned to his house the day after giving him the CD, we saw that he was watching Russell M. Nelson's talk. Another day we walked past his house, and saw him outside reading the Liahona. 
  We have another investigator, Adrien, who has already read much of the Book of Mormon. For a while the missionaries here could not find him, because he had moved somewhere else. We taught him this week and even though he may not be able to attend church because of his schedule, he still wants to learn about the Gospel. The people of Fort Dauphin overall are just more prepared to learn the gospel than any other people I have seen as a missionary. President Adams said that he agrees. I remember attending the priesthood commemoration campout last year talking about how I was about to go on a mission. Now I'm here!    From a small town in South Carolina to an island off the coast of Africa.    
  Anyway, the missionary work is going well here in Fort Dauphin.  We have not had to go house to house since I have been here. Yesterday, we had dinner twice because some investigators gave us food. The last investigator gave us cassava root and fish, which will take a lot to get used to. Haha' That's the report for this week. Hope all is well. 

Elder Pinson

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