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Monday, May 25, 2015


  Because of a lack of time, this post will be very brief. This week was the most efficient preaching of the gospel I have had since I have been a missionary. We taught 41 lessons and totaled 37 hours of proselyting time. Proselyting time, for those who do not know, is time teaching or contacting (talking to people about the gospel). I mentioned before that we were planning on having baptisms this week. Because of many of our investigators scheduling problems, we have only had 2 of the baptismal interviews. There will be more baptism interviews this week, so I am not sure how many baptisms there will be on Saturday.
 Anyway, one of our investigators, Fabrice, was interviewed for baptism this week. When he learned that he had passed, he was asked who he wanted to baptize him. His response: Elder Pinson. His explanation for choosing me to baptism was basically this: "I want to start a new life and Elder Pinson is new here." So I will be baptizing him on Saturday. We also met a Rastafarian, who had talked to missionaries before. We invited him to church on Sunday and he actually showed up. We are going to teach him again this week.
  This week was a bit strange because there was nothing to alter the missionary work. Nothing necessarily eventful occurred. No problems.  There was a Pentecost holiday celebrated this past week. Question. Is that celebrated in America? I have never heard of celebrating the Pentacost. Anyway, we went with some of the people in one of the branches here to have a picnic at the beach and played soccer. I found a scripture that I really liked this week, but I forgot to mark it. It teaches that part of life is working until we are made perfect. I have seen that that in many, in my life here as a missionary and as a child of God.

Take Care Everyone and Have a Great Week!

Elder Pinson

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