A behind-the-scenes look at Evan's two-year mission in Madagascar for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

Monday, June 1, 2015


  Hello all! Another week as a missionary in Madagascar has passed. The fact that I am serving the Lord in Fort Dauphin makes being a missionary even cooler. Sometimes we are so busy we have to schedule people to be taught during what would be our study time. I rarely have the time to study the language like I should.  The result - we had 24 investigators attend church this past week, proving that the missionary work is progressing here. I would also like clarify that by saying that most of the progression of the work is not even related to us missionaries, it is rather to having members who share the gospel with others and a culture that has made the people interested in religion and especially the hearing of truth.
   In addition to a busy teaching week, we had three investigators who were baptized and confirmed members of the Church. I had the opportunity to baptize two of them (one is Fabrice and the other is Theophile). Theophile, was actually called to work the day before his baptism. He drives a van hours away from the church. Sometimes he is away from home for a few days. So we were afraid that he would miss his baptism. When we walked to the church, he was there, dressed and ready to be baptized. I consider that to be a miracle.There is also a chance that there will be baptisms this week and next week was well. To answer the question about the baptisms here, there is a pool that is set up for baptisms. None of the churches here are actually owned by the Church, they are just rented buildings. 
   It is strange that graduation was a year ago. I have almost been a missionary for a year, which I cannot even believe myself sometimes. Time is crazy. I did not actually know that Elder L Tom. Perry passed away before today. That is sad. But we all know where devoted servants of the Lord go, so it is not really sad.
   I don't think I ever received the letters from the young men and young women in our ward, I got a letter from Brother Jared Edwards with a picture of some of the youth. Other than that I cannot remember remembering getting letters. Speaking of mail -every food item from the box you sent is gone now. You asked how we get to the stores here- We either walk or take taxis to get from place to place. Most of the time we are able to walk unless someone lives far away.
   It is great to be a missionary! There are many challenges here, but the Lord has helped me to rise to those challenges even when I thought that I was not capable. 

Have a great week, everyone!

  Elder Pinson

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