A behind-the-scenes look at Evan's two-year mission in Madagascar for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

Monday, October 12, 2015


   Another week in Madagascar teaching the gospel of Jesus Christ. First of all, I have been hearing a lot about all of the damage that resulted from the rain and the flooding over the past week in South Carolina. It is sad to hear that lives were lost and that many are without homes, but it is good to hear the reports of the many churches joining together to offer true, Christian service, regardless of difference in religious beliefs. The world needs more of that. I can hardly imagine the scene around Columbia right now. I will continue to hope and pray that the cleanup efforts continue to go well.
  On this side of the world, the week was fairly quiet. In the earlier part of my missionI used to mention transfers a lot in my emails because they seemed like major milestones, but the days seem to fly by now, so I honestly forgot to mention them ahead of time. Anyway, regarding transfers, my companion and I were on the way to the house after a day's work. We got a call on the phone and realized that it was President Foote calling us to tell us our new assignments. He talked to my companion first and then to me. When I talked to him on the phone, he said that he wanted me to train one of the new missionaries. So there it is! I should be here in Ambohipo for the next 3 months training a new missionary. I will find out who it will be on Thursday. I will really miss being companions with Elder Nelson, but I am grateful for the opportunity to train a new missionary. I guess you could say that this was the major news of the week.
   Sunday was sort of quiet. Church ran over time, so we did not really get to work much yesterday. The total number of people in our ward yesterday was 193, which is likely the most people that have been in attendance since I have been in Madagascar. That is great! A lot of people here tell me that Ambohipo is the best ward in Antananarivo, so I am very blessed to be spending the next 3 months here. 
  Today, I started off the day, waking up earlier so that we could go to Soixante-Sept HA ( kind of a shady side of town) to by more material to make a suit for Jordan. The majority of the people selling material there are really eager to make a sale, so it did not take too long to buy material.  I talked to the suit maker today. My suit is basically finished. So I guess I will pick it up next week. Then, my companion and I took a bus to the place near where we were going to play soccer. We got there early, so we walked to the Tana Water Front Centre and I bought a Oreo shake for breakfast. Then we played soccer with the majority of the missionaries in Antananarivo. After that we went to a place called the Ivandry Mall to have lunch. It has a food court just like Tana Water Front Centre. 
I know that the South Carolina State Fair is around the corner. I will miss the food, but that is okay. Rice and beans are enough for me.
Random side note: Elder Bednar is speaking to the members of one stake in Antananarivo, while Elder Hallstrom is speaking to the stake I am a part of. which means that some missionaries will meet him but our area won't. Oh well. Elder Hallstrom it is. I am sure that the talk he shares will be great as well. 

I don't have much else to mention, so I guess it is time for the Malagasy lesson this week.

    Animals or Bugs(at least in the Merina dialect) 

                            dog              alika
                            cat              saka
                            cow             omby
                            pig               kisoa
                            goat             osy
                            chicken        akoho
                            bird              vorona
                            fish              trondro
                            roach           kadradraka
                            spider          hala
 Ok,  have a great week, everyone.
 Elder Pinson


  1. I arrive january 4th! these blogs are awesome! Seriously helping me prepare! Thank you!

  2. I arrive january 4th! these blogs are awesome! Seriously helping me prepare! Thank you!