A behind-the-scenes look at Evan's two-year mission in Madagascar for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

Monday, October 19, 2015


  Hello everyone!

   A lot has happened since last week, Monday and Tuesday went as usual. On Wednesday, I dropped my companion off at the office so he could go to Antsirabe and I was able to meet the new missionaries who had just arrived from America. After that I went on an exchange with some of the other missionaries in my district because I would not be assigned to a new companion until Thursday. Anyway, on Thursday morning, I went to the office to have breakfast with all of the trainers and trainees and a few other missionaries. I took advantage of that opportunity I had to eat decent pancakes and inhaled pancakes until I could not really physically eat anymore without getting sick. 
   I had the opportunity to listen to President Foote teach and tell stories about his mission. It's very obvious that President Foote loves missionary work.  He had a great mission, and it is easy to tell from the way he talks about his mission that it was a blessing to him. Some time after that, there was lunch, which consisted of really good sandwiches. 
  There will be a zone conference this week as well, which means more excellent food. Apparently, it will be pulled pork, just like the food last zone conference. Something to look forward to. After thatI finally learned who my companion was. It was cool to see the new missionaries read their call letters, which is something I remember having the opportunity to do over a year ago. My trainee is Elder Heo (Pronounced "Huh"). He is of Korean descent and he is from California. I cannot say much about him now because I just met him this week, but I think that he and I will get along very well. He is already catching on very quickly to the language and will probably be ready to teach in Malagasy soon. I have been offering suggestions and teaching him new words and phrases and I think that he is understanding everything that I have taught. I dont think it will be too far down the road before he is able to really teach by himself. 
  As is the case with most new missionaries, he did not say a lot during the lessons, but there was one time where we were searching for new investigators and I told him to just try to have a conversation with this one person, using some of the vocabulary from earlier. He did great! He didn't even need help!  The general authorities will be here this week. I am not sure about the full schedule but I am still hoping that we will meet Elder Hallstrom or at least hear him share a talk. 
  October is almost over. It seems like it just started. I am going as a missionary for Halloween if anyone was wondering. To the people here, I probably already look like I am wearing a costume anyway, walking around in a white shirt and tie. Not much elso to mention, so I guess it is time for the Malagasy lesson this week.

Question Words/Teny Enti-Manontany

Taiza?                  Where? (in the past)
Aiza?                  Where? (in the present)
Ho aiza?              Where? (in the future)
Inona?                 What?
Oviana?               When? (in the past)
Rahoviana?          When? (in the future)
Iza?                     Who?
Firy?                    How many? (quantity)
Ohatrinona?          How much? (price)
Nahoana               Why?
Fa maninona?        Why?

Have a great week everyone.

                                         Elder Pinson

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