A behind-the-scenes look at Evan's two-year mission in Madagascar for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

Monday, December 7, 2015


   Hello friends!  All is well here in Madagascar. I suppose the rainy season is here in earnest, I say that because many times this week, the heavens figuratively opened wide, and it might possibly rain again today. Even better, the Christmas season is here! I bought some Christmas ties today (one with  Wise Men and another with snowmen), to get into the Christmas spirit. We were not able to watch the First Presidency Christmas Devotional, but I am sure it was great! I hope all of you are enjoying the cool Christmas activities that are so common to this time of the year.
   Ambohipo has its ward Christmas party on December 26th, so that is something to look forward to (why the party is after Christmas, I do not understand) and the missionaries in the Manakambahiny Stake will have a Christmas party on Christmas Eve. There was a meeting on Saturday for ward mission leaders and ward missionaries. The mission has specific goals set for baptisms and other important facets of the work of salvation, yet all missionaries can witness that most ward mission leaders and ward missionaries here do not really understand their calling and, therefore, the missionaries have to sort of fight against the ward to accomplish missionary work. Hopefully that meeting will prove useful. 
  We had 28 and a half hours of proselyting time this week, which is the most I have ever earned while serving here in Antananarivo. We also met many people who said that we could team them this week, so hopefully we will be able to do so this week.
  Today my companion and I went to the zoo. We talked some of the workers into letting us go into some of the animal cages. That's probably not legal in America but it is here, so that's great. Here is a picture from today. We also went to buy some Chritmas ties, and then we went to look for some sports jerseys. That was the basic events of our P-day. Later today, we are going to have dinner at the house of a family from the ward. We haven't had many dinner appointments lately, so that will be great.
Happy Birthday to my Auntie Sarah!

Unfortunately, there is not too much else to talk about so it is time for the Malagasy Lesson

mitory ny filazantsara                           to preach the gospel
manompo an'Andriamanitra                to serve God
mampita hafatra                                  to communicate a message
mahazo fanambarana                          to receive revelation 
mampihatra finoana                             to exercise faith 
manao safidy tsara                               to make good choices
mahafantatra ny fahamarinana              to know the truth  
manaiky ny drafitr'Andriamanitra           to accept God's plan
mandray ny fanasan'ny Tompo              to partake of the sacrament
manampy ny hafa                                to help others

So that's all! If anybody has questions about Malagasy or life as a missionary in Madagasacar, I can answer. Have a great week, everyone!

Elder Pinson

 Elder Pinson. 

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